Let’s preserve our local farms.

Our local farms protect the charm and beauty of our landscape and provide us with healthy, local food. Let’s support them by funding infrastructure, such as the Franklin County CDC’s cold storage facility; by promoting agritourism; by incentivizing the diversification of farm products to include cheese, yogurt, beer and cider; and by protecting our farmland through the Agricultural Preservation Restriction program and other efforts. Let’s continue the success of the Healthy Incentives Program, which benefits local farms and our neighbors who need assistance.

Sustainable Safety Nets

Let’s support one another.

We have all chosen to live in western Massachusetts for different reasons. For some of us, there are no barriers to success or quality of life. We have what we need, or can get it. But living in a rural area can present challenges for some. And being part of a small community means looking out for one another. Let’s work together to fight for transportation, affordable housing, healthcare, veteran services and other safety-net programs that support all of our neighbors.

Healthcare for All

Let’s lead the fight in providing healthcare for all.

We are extremely lucky in Massachusetts to have one of the most comprehensive healthcare programs in the nation, but let's fight for universal single payer healthcare for all. Let’s keep our local hospitals and community health centers strong and expand the use of telehealth whenever feasible in order to ensure that this healthcare is also accessible.