Letter to the Editor from a Constituent Served by Natalie Blais

Natalie Blais is one of the people who helped me survive the worst period of my life.  In December 2012, my 55-year-old husband Dave went in for what we thought would be a 3 hour kidney operation. It turned into a 142 day nightmare when he suffered a brain injury during the surgery. Dave died the following May.

Dave’s brain injury left him unable to move or communicate in any way. Our health insurance company, to whom we had paid 30 years of premiums, tried to cancel all payments two weeks after his operation. Not only was I fighting to try and save my husband’s life, suddenly I was thrust into battle with a huge corporation. I was referred to Congressman James McGovern’s office for help. Thankfully, Natalie picked up the phone. She was kind, compassionate and incredibly helpful. She listened to my story and promised me she would do whatever she could to help. Soon after, the end of care notices ceased and all bills were paid by the insurer, right up until my husband’s death.

During the ensuing months, Natalie periodically called to check in and see how we were doing. She not only helped me with the terrible situation I originally called about, she also offered me continuing support and care. I was touched by Natalie’s humanity. I think of her as one of the angels who took me under their wings during that time.

The people in the First Franklin District will be incredibly fortunate to have Natalie Blais working for them as State Representative. I know she will go above and beyond for her constituents, as she did for me. She is the real thing; intelligent, hardworking and a true public servant. Natalie’s motivations are pure, I have absolutely no doubt about that.


Anne G. Marley, Belchertown