PRESS RELEASE: Representative-Elect Blais Thanks Voters

Thank you to everyone who voted in last week’s mid-term election. In doing so, you made history. According to the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s unofficial results, more voters cast ballots in a mid-term election this year than ever before in Massachusetts history.

On Election Day, I visited all 19 communities of the First Franklin District that I will have the honor of representing when I am officially sworn in as your State Representative on January 2nd.

My alarm went off at 5:00 am that day. An hour later, my two boys and my campaign manager were in the car, driving in the dark to Middlefield in order to arrive when the polls opened at 7:00 am. From Middlefield, it was on to Chester, Huntington, and then Worthington, where I was honored to be joined by Representative Steve Kulik. We got back on the road and traveled to Chesterfield, Goshen, Cummington, Plainfield, and Ashfield.

There, a voter stopped to speak with me on her way to the polls. I introduced myself and asked for her vote. She thanked me for being there and proceeded to Town Hall. On her way back, she stopped again and asked why I was standing out in the cold rain talking with voters if my race was uncontested. I explained to her that despite not having an opponent, I still thought it was imperative to show up to ask for the support of voters in all 19 of the communities that I was seeking to represent.

The wind and rain continued on the bridge from Buckland to Shelburne and I was grateful to grab a warm cup of coffee from Mocha Maya’s before making my way to Conway, Williamsburg, and Whately. There was no shortage of friendly faces throughout my trip. In Deerfield, I met up with State Senator-elect Jo Comerford. Originally, my schedule included a two hour break to attend my older son’s final soccer game of the season but the game was rained out. This allowed me the opportunity to change into dry clothes and feed my kids before heading back out to Montague, Shutesbury, and Leverett. The rain finally stopped when I arrived in my hometown of Sunderland at 7:15 pm. My 14-hour 240-mile Election Day road trip across all 19 towns in the First Franklin District was complete.

Thank you to the residents of the First Franklin District who cast their vote for me. Just as I did on Election Day, I will show up for all 19 communities of this district as your State Representative. I look forward to working alongside you to bring the voices of western Massachusetts to the halls of the Massachusetts State House.

Thanks also to Steve Kulik for his 25 years of service as our State Representative. We are extremely lucky to have been served by such an effective legislator and I wish him and Suzy the very best in retirement.

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Representative-Elect, First Franklin District

Natalie Blais


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