Let’s work together for strong, healthy, connected communities.

Growing up in a small town with a single blinking traffic light, we liked to joke that there were more cows than people. It was a place where people waved as they passed each other on the town’s dirt roads. There, I learned the value of a hard earned dollar from my first job at the local gas station, ringing up gas and cleaning the restrooms at the end of my shift. The local library (located half in Canada and half in the United States) was my refuge and books were my gateway to another world.

Today, I am lucky to be raising my family in Sunderland, a community much like the one I grew up in. In the shadow of Mt. Sugarloaf along the banks of the Connecticut River, the woman at the local market knows me – one of the many reasons I choose to shop locally. Our library is the heart of our community. I live right up the road from a farmer who saw the importance of protecting agricultural land and helped to create a statewide program to protect it. My children ran freely through his barn to pet the calves and barn cats. There are people all over western Massachusetts like my neighbors in Sunderland. I am grateful to call this place home.

I am running for State Representative because I believe that together, we can support strong, healthy, connected communities in western Massachusetts.